comparison shopper in a sentence

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  1. If you're a comparison shopper, this is paradise.
  2. .bottomdollar . com, works as a comparison shopper.
  3. Parents have to be comparison shoppers with child care.
  4. Eighty-four pages for Las Vegas comparison shoppers.
  5. The Internet is a comparison shopper's paradise : it cuts out the middleman.
  6. It's difficult to find comparison shopper in a sentence.
  7. There are the diligent comparison shoppers, and there are the three-ring circus watchers.
  8. It turns out he's one of those comparison shoppers and offers the old man a generic cola.
  9. "When they ( comparison shoppers ) get there, they're ready to buy ."
  10. In matters of love, she is a comparison shopper with a shrewd sense of her own market value.
  11. For comparison shoppers, Bruce Springsteen's Austin show on Thursday ran $ 30, plus a handling fee.
  12. The Acura 3.5RL glides into the market with these comparison shoppers in mind, and its great-pretender formula has worked for others.
  13. Never interested in money ( except for being a careful comparison shopper ), my mother asked me to sort out these baffling questions for her.
  14. "I'm not a comparison shopper, " said Ms . Langer, who spends about $ 50 a month with MCI Worldcom.
  15. Comparison shoppers will find that the Protege's interior surfaces are concave to the max for elbow room and that its sculpted dash also enhances the sense of roominess.
  16. The customer, not a browser or a comparison shopper, is expected to know what she needs _ a cocktail dress, a day dress, something casual, an evening gown.
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