comparison shop in a sentence

"comparison shop" in Chinese  
  1. It takes nerve to comparison shop for your own coffin.
  2. You can also comparison shop for phones and accessories here.
  3. Comparison shop online just as you would at the mall.
  4. But the moving portals offer better and quicker ways to comparison shop.
  5. This fragmentation made it difficult for traders to comparison shop.
  6. It's difficult to find comparison shop in a sentence.
  7. Utilize a travel agent's ability to comparison shop on your behalf.
  8. Seriously, did everybody forget how to comparison shop?
  9. She went to the Lower East Side to comparison shop ( three hours ).
  10. Make sure you comparison shop _ not all of these lenders underprice conventional lenders.
  11. Other companies have developed software that makes it easy for buyers to comparison shop.
  12. -- Comparison shop _ select three companies and invite each to your home.
  13. It pays to comparison shop, too.
  14. Be sure to comparison shop, however.
  15. Right now, most insurance sites let you comparison shop and complete an application online.
  16. Visitors to Yahoo can check stock market message boards and comparison shop for plane travel.
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