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  1. What kind of comparison and contrast can be made between these two?
  2. There are other important comparisons and contrasts to the year of Wright's resignation.
  3. They give dates, times names, procedures and comparisons and contrasts.
  4. The assertion of significant is made in the comparison and contrast using objective terminology towards other sites.
  5. Comparison and contrast lead to generalization.
  6. It's difficult to find comparison and contrast in a sentence.
  7. By comparison and contrast, the M1911's post-1985 replacement, the reply ) 13 : 13, 17 February 2011 ( UTC)
  8. For practical purposes, when the Broncos visit the Dolphins Monday night, it will be the consumation of 20 years of comparison and contrast.
  9. I am trying to understand the differences between Database-and General programming languages and could not find comparison and contrast papers with Google or Wikipedia.
  10. It was always the intrinsic value of color, the improvement in their comparison and contrast, the vision of light and dark that was moving to Fontaine.
  11. And both sides fairly early grasped one of the first rules of politics _ that comparison and contrast always works better than a purely positive message.
  12. "There will be plenty of time down the road to draw the comparisons and contrasts with the options that Governor Bush wants to pursue, " he said.
  13. But ours is wider in scope . . . and it relies more on curators'instinctual comparisons and contrasts between the works than the art-historical approach Yve-Alain has taken ."
  14. While critical of all organized religions, saying " they're all stupid and dangerous, " Maher says all religions are not alike, and has drawn comparisons and contrasts between them.
  15. Eliza Gray comments on a comparison and contrast of the two religions, asserting that  at the core of both religions is a never-ending pursuit of a better self.
  16. The term as a catch-all description for extreme right political systems seems to be more popular on the left; according to " Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany : Comparisons and Contrasts"
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