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  1. The authors also presented a 3-year fixed-comparison analysis, controlling for differences in risk level.
  2. A comparison analysis of European and U . S . data by the department's Office of Juvenile Justice and Deliquency found:
  3. Comparisons should include all issues : land, financial, ecological, aesthetic, Co2 production, renewability etc etc . Jdh's comparisons should be in here somewhere, right in the thick of the comparison analysis.
  4. The authorities stated, " We have determined that the microscopic hair comparison analysis testimony or laboratory report presented in this case included statements that exceeded the limits of science and was, therefore, invalid ."
  5. Self-disclosure has a pan-cultural effect on attributional confidence but other types of uncertainty reduction strategies appeared to be more culture-specific . " A multiple comparisons analysis using a least significance difference criterion indicated that for both self-and other-disclosure, African-Americans used greater self-disclosure than Euro-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans and perceived greater other intraethnic disclosure.
  6. It's difficult to find comparison analysis in a sentence.
  7. Information is usually admitted as evidence if it helps to clarify at least one of the five components of analyzing physical evidence : the reconstruction of events or places, identification as used in scientific tests, recognition by separating relevant and irrelevant information, by individualization by proving it to be unique to a suspect or a victim, or usage of comparison analysis methods ( DNA, fingerprints, etc . ).

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