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  1. When he said he was pulling his negative commercials off the air, he meant only the particular attack ads that were airing last week, not all " comparison ads ."
  2. The opening of Europe's telecoms market to competition this year was designed to bring down prices, but advertising experts say the fact that it coincided with a new era of direct comparison ads has speeded up the process.
  3. But if the DSS dish catches on, they're ready to run " comparison ads " claiming cable is a cheaper way for urban customers to buy TV programming, said Paul R . Cianelli, president of New England Cable Television Association.
  4. Its more memorable campaigns include humorous comparison ads aimed at Southwest ( one TV commercial featured embarrassed " Southwest " customers hiding behind sunglasses and covering up their tickets, to which Southwest responded with an ad featuring Chairman Herb Kelleher with a bag over his head ) and ads featuring Jonathan Winters as a look-alike of Desert Storm hero Gen . Norman Schwarzkopf.
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