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  1. At worst, the brain scrabbles for comparisions.
  2. :: I apologies if I am making unrealistic comparisions, I try to avoid that.
  3. If we were to make it to that level, there would be a lot of comparisions then.
  4. 1 ) I'm looking for statistics / comparisions on how well blood acts as a conductor of electrcity.
  5. I want you to gather information related to the working, specifications, and comparisions of those bikes and post it on wikipedia.
  6. It's difficult to find comparisions in a sentence.
  7. The captain of the Mercatone Uno team won four uphill stages, touched off nationwide enthusiasm and comparisions with Italy's late " Campionissimo"
  8. :: Bhouston's terminology comparisions are irrelevant due to the fact that they are a prime example of a " false analogy " logical fallacy.
  9. If you can find a reliable internet or magazine source, it might be good to add a sentence or two about the comparisions between Big Rigs and Supercharged.
  10. The booklet included with the beta CD was clearly written and provided comparisions between Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X that helped make sense of the changes in OS X more quickly.
  11. It would also help prevent the spread of product specific pages with marketing blurb instead of properly targeted requirement comparisions .-- talk ) 09 : 36, 5 May 2009 ( UTC)
  12. "These conditions may result in lower sales growth and difficult earnings comparisions for the next few quarters, " said Gary Tooker, Motorola's vice chairman and chief operating officer.
  13. I and others have routinely discussed the matter civilly with him, but he has escalated frequently this issue towards an unprovoked edit war, or through ignorant comparisions, as the current example indicates.
  14. Providing factual comparisions might skate the line with original research, but may very well meet the needs of Feist v . Rural .-- ghost 04 : 09, 27 Apr 2005 ( UTC)
  15. Why not say " HJ Mitchell is not a bad user, just a bad admin ", that gets your point across without drawing highly offensive comparisions . talk 00 : 01, 29 July 2010 ( UTC)
  16. To bring the comparisions closer to home, one crashed on the 23rd lap and finished 23th in the 2000 Long Beach Grand Prix while the other worked his way through the field after starting 17th to take the checkered.
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