comparision in a sentence

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  1. His past campaigns have been mild by comparision, Hellon said.
  2. He also faulted Lee for presenting for comparision photographs of different magnifications.
  3. By comparision, individual giving rose 3.89 percent in 1994.
  4. If so, do you have any comparision of that vs MediaWiki?
  5. My question is about the methodology of such a comparision.
  6. It's difficult to find comparision in a sentence.
  7. This is heady company and a quite valid comparision.
  8. There is no comparision to patience, " skipper Mohammad Azharuddin said.
  9. It is about a comparision of major Bible translations.
  10. The article has a lot of good information and comparision charts as well.
  11. I am sorry, there is no gentler way to do the comparision.
  12. By comparision, thoughts and beliefs are trivial, arbitrary, and capricious.
  13. What will be the best metric for this comparision?
  14. What role does it play in comparision to your actual ip address ??
  15. In comparision to his fellow finalists, he knocked it out of the park.
  16. But there is no comparision in their games.
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