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  1. Because a normal term of pregnancy is 40 weeks, Comparini was told by her doctors the baby's chance of survival was nil.
  2. Comparini said she prayed to Gianna Molla asking for her intercession, and was able to deliver a healthy baby despite the lack of amniotic fluid.
  3. Mrs . Comparini's triumph was a blow to former Defense Minister Charles Millon, who had been head of the Lyons regional parliament since 1988.
  4. July 2008, Brealey played Pompilia Comparini in an adaptation of The Ring and the Book, broadcast as part of the BBC Radio 4 " Classic Serial"
  5. He said he regretted his " inappropriate " exclamation " about Mrs Anne-Marie Comparini " and said " he sent her his regards and esteem ".
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  7. But Francois Bayrou, UDF president, defended Comparini against charges of betrayal, saying the weekend vote showed that the left and the right could work together to fight extremism.
  8. Its leader, Philippe Seguin, of the Rally for the Republic movement founded by Chirac, was furious at the deal with the left that brought Mrs . Comparini to power in Lyons.
  9. After exiting the Academy, he worked in the studio of the engineers Comparini, Calderini, and Micheli, and alongside professor Giuseppe Castellazzi, he took part in the restoration of the church of Santa Trinita.
  10. The miracle recognized by the Catholic Church to canonize Gianna Molla involved a mother, Elizabeth Comparini, who was 16 weeks pregnant in 2003 and sustained a tear in her placenta that drained her womb of all amniotic fluid.

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