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  1. The Socialists exploded in indignation, comparing the incident to Watergate.
  2. The drive-in is so good compared to other entertainment.
  3. Clinton compared the attacks on Truman to those he faced today.
  4. It's not fair to compare these teams ."
  5. Questions like those are considered broad compared to other CRS inquiries.
  6. It's difficult to find comparing in a sentence.
  7. And sales of golf equipment are staggeringly high compared to tennis.
  8. Lana does three inches a minute compared to my three feet,
  9. But it is remarkably widespread, compared with some previous recoveries.
  10. Some compared it, inaccurately, to the now legendary 1961.
  11. His sister compares her reasons for returning to an unfinished romance.
  12. I want people in the future to be compared to 1994.
  13. He gets the ball off quickly compared to two years ago.
  14. A low rate of return compared with investments with greater risk.
  15. One researcher compared the procedure to a bypass without the surgeon.
  16. "We're not going to compare the franchises.
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