comparing two things in a sentence

  1. Comparing two things an author wants to compare is not an encyclopedic topic.
  2. Is it appropriate to have articles that compare two things ? if its not aproprite please show me a link to it.
  3. When I asked him to support his statement about articles comparing two things, he answered that it wasn't written down but was still a widely accepted guideline.
  4. You are correct, Loomis, that wasn't what I meant, but I wrote it because I am trying to compare two things that aren't similar.
  5. :It's not a percentage, or cannot be converted into one, as you're comparing two things, length in metres and area in square kilometres.
  6. It's difficult to find comparing two things in a sentence.
  7. It is my understanding that when we are comparing two things, we would use terms such as " cold " and " colder " . . . but we would not use " coldest ".
  8. He was saying things that, as far as I know, are not in policy in the first place : that any article comparing two things is original research, that the inappropriate deletions were within process, and so on.
  9. James Twitchell, author of " Branded Nation " ( Simon & amp; Schuster; $ 26 ), says that successful advertising encompasses " the application of a story to an interchangeable product :'Buy this and you'll be more sexy .'It's obviously not true when comparing two things that are equal, like bottled water or cell phone service.

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