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  1. The handicap system provides a means to compare scores across the whole league.
  2. Her impact is most measurable in comparing scores against Oregon.
  3. Comparing scoring systems is a mathematical question for which there is a quantifiable answer.
  4. Players can also compare scores on the internet ranking chart.
  5. Leaderboards powered by EA's Autolog service enable players to compare scores with other players.
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  7. When we return to the clubhouse, the men shake hands and nobody compares scores.
  8. If anyone looks at this, comparing scores, they have no concept of what this program was,
  9. The game has no multiplayer component, but online leaderboards are available for players to compare scores.
  10. All the versions have online rankings, so as to compare scores with other players throughout the world.
  11. The server further allows users to compare scores with other students, read mathematical theory and collaborate with others.
  12. For those who wish to compare scores, though, consider this : North Carolina beat Miami on a late field goal.
  13. *The reason for asking is that in the US it is sometimes necessary to compare scores that come from different distributions.
  14. Rather than being networked to each other, the cabinets were all linked to a central computer which compared scores for tournament play.
  15. The study compared scores from one state to another by students from similar socioeconomic backgrounds and found that youngsters in Texas did especially well.
  16. That allowed The Chronicle to compare scores after accounting for student characteristics such as ethnicity, religion, parental education and income and ability to speak English.
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