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  1. I grumbled, " and you and Tim Allen ought to compare power tools ."
  2. Hence, comparing power outputs is a realistic metric.
  3. The findings have led to the use of radiography to compare power figures in other collections.
  4. When comparing power plant costs, it is customary to start by calculating the cost of power at the generator terminals by considering several main factors.
  5. Nationally, the $ 220 billion industry is undergoing deregulation, which means that consumers will increasingly be comparing power options rather than just signing up with their local utility monopoly.
  6. It's difficult to find comparing power in a sentence.
  7. I am looking to get information on comparing power pc's with Intel processors under the following headings : architecture, cache, speed, power consumption, heat dissipation, future prospects for Intel.
  8. He also acts in the advisory board of the Hub Zurich a platform for social entrepreneurship and MyNewEnergy, a company launching the first-ever platform to compare power products in Switzerland.
  9. Junior, yes _ we are not comparing power relationships _ but it is a serious commitment by the United States to invite him in this way, to accord him that kind of honor.
  10. The most common assumption is to compare power densities at the same pressure, choosing the ion temperature for each reaction to maximize power density, and with the electron temperature equal to the ion temperature.
  11. During the reign of Catherine the Great, the popularity of fist fighting was growing again, and it is said that Count Orlov was a good fist fighter himself and even invited notable fist fighters to compare powers.
  12. You can chart statistical trends and compare power ratings and drink in every word uttered by Jay Bilas, and still you can be beaten in your pool by somebody like Andy Shriver of Atlanta, who finished second in 1998.
  13. If the current is large, the wire gets heated even more, and as metal expands when heated, the wire gets longer-- and hence sags down . ( The effect is most prominent if you compare power lines in winter and sommer .)
  14. You may be puzzled by my astonishment; after all, you probably already know the Internet is an obvious choice for research ( compare models at ConsumerReports . org, read owner's reviews at Epinions . com and compare power nozzle agitators at manufacturers'sites like Hoover . com ).

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