comparing numbers in a sentence

  1. Eddie Jones and Ray Allen can argue and compare numbers.
  2. Art advisory : Withgraphic comparing numbers of bags lost per 1, 000 passengers
  3. Simply comparing numbers, the rout was on.
  4. Brown and Purify are probably comparing numbers.
  5. Commercial applications sometimes have to compare numbers which are confidential and whose security is important.
  6. It's difficult to find comparing numbers in a sentence.
  7. When I compare numbers with other years, it's been pretty stable ."
  8. When we had all arrived at our opinions, we assembled as a group to compare numbers.
  9. They're comparing numbers today to numbers back then, and you can't do it.
  10. Moses'modesty is illustrated by many fine examples in the Aggadah ( compare Numbers 12 : 3 ).
  11. I suggest comparing number of hours worked, instead . talk ) 17 : 22, 19 April 2016 ( UTC)
  12. Nevertheless, Bhutan's stated goal is to maximize whatever they see as GNH, not compare numbers with other countries.
  13. If it's boasting rights you seek, why don't you compare number of classes you had to take?
  14. He suggested that Japanese and American airlines have different reporting standards, and that comparing numbers of reported flight problems may be unfair.
  15. "I want to help my team win, and at the end of the year, we'll compare numbers ."
  16. :: To compare numbers to see if they are larger or smaller, generate the decimal expansion one digit at a time and compare.
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