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  1. I think perhaps it's possible to solve this by comparing elements pairwise.
  2. Guido Gatti has compared elements of Bloch's opera to the music of Modest Mussorgsky.
  3. K-D-B-trees subdivide space into two subspaces by comparing elements in a single domain.
  4. The linear search uses equality only as it compares elements one-by-one from the start, ignoring any sorting.
  5. Comb sort compares elements separated by large gaps, and can move turtles extremely quickly before proceeding to smaller and smaller gaps to smooth out the list.
  6. It's difficult to find comparing element in a sentence.
  7. Scott's biographers have compared elements of " The Bride of Lammermuir " with Scott's own romantic involvement with Williamina Belsches in the 1790s.
  8. Michelle Erica Green of TrekNation compared elements of the episode to the " Star Wars " franchise, such as the Xindi superweapon standing in for the Death Star.
  9. Pitchfork Media's Ryan Dombal compared elements of the song to the rock band The Strokes, and stated that it contained some of the best lyrics ever written by West.
  10. In July 2016, Jeff Kaufman wrote a blog post comparing elements of the Scientific Charity Movement to those of effective altruism, a more recent movement that also applies a scientific mindset to charity.
  11. Picardo's performance was praised by the crew, and the episode was received positively by critics, who compared elements to " The Lord of the Rings " and computer based roleplaying games.
  12. VanDerWerff compared elements of the episode, most notably the relationship between the character of Henry Dion and his mother, to the works of filmmaker David Lynch, particularly his television series " Twin Peaks ".
  13. Jim Emerson, editor of the Roger Ebert website hosted by the " Chicago Sun-Times, " compared elements of the Xenu story and " Revolt in the Stars " to the War of the Worlds " starring Scientologist Tom Cruise.
  14. Frazer's interest in social anthropology was aroused by reading E . B . Tylor's " Primitive Culture " ( 1871 ) and encouraged by his friend, the biblical scholar William Robertson Smith, who was comparing elements of the Old Testament with early Hebrew folklore.
  15. If you look at articles on the elements ( Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, etc )-the absolutely standardized info box is a godsend-it means you can compare elements with ease-and in utterly ensures that all articles about elements have all of the data that the Wikiproject for Elements has specified that they should have.
  16. More recently, reviewer Kim Newman said " It's unthinkable that something as complex, ambiguous, difficult and strange as " The Owl Service " could be broadcast on British television in a prime time slot these days-let alone on ITV1 as a children's programme ", comparing elements of the series to experimental directors such as Alain Resnais or Chris Marker and concluding it as a " classic ".

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