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  1. Coplink works by linking and comparing data from new and existing files.
  2. Stout compared data supplied by the Social Security Administration with the AHCCCS rolls.
  3. The researchers compared data on suicide victims and a control group.
  4. In comparing data from the two polls, the sampling error is six percentage points.
  5. Therefore, comparing data quality and cost across different technologies can be a daunting task.
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  7. It compared data over five-year intervals between 1961 and 1995.
  8. GeneCards is used when comparing data of a given target gene with all possible genes.
  9. A " virtual scratch pad " enables users to compare data sets and create mashups.
  10. The report compared data from the 1990 census with birth, death and school enrollment records.
  11. Besides the US the study also compared data from 32 European countries, Turkey, and Japan.
  12. In both cases, suspicious claims are identified by comparing data about the claim to expected values.
  13. By comparing data, scientists can determine how accelerations aboard the shuttle disturb the solid to liquid interface.
  14. The platform allows researchers to upload and compare data against reference genomes, bioinformatics pipelines, and genomic data.
  15. Using federal and state data, the researchers compared data from commercial and recreational landings for the past 22 years.
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