comparing and contrasting in a sentence

"comparing and contrasting" in Chinese  
  1. What we've been doing is comparing and contrasting the two.
  2. Rorty would also like the dialog and constant comparing and contrasting between different article editors.
  3. It will be comparing and contrasting themes we've studied.
  4. The two diaries together enable comparing and contrasting the captor and prisoner experiences of the time.
  5. But the comparing and contrasting of Camp David and Shepherdstown is inevitable, because parallels are so explicit.
  6. It's difficult to find comparing and contrasting in a sentence.
  7. And, speaking of directing, he's been comparing and contrasting with an eye toward getting behind the camera, too.
  8. She then further supports her argument by comparing and contrasting two two-year-old siblings, one male and one female.
  9. After comparing and contrasting the contributions of Talk ! ) 22 : 42, 29 December 2007 ( UTC)
  10. Comparing and contrasting with his predecessor.
  11. By using satire and humor, King is comparing and contrasting the two traditions, highlighting faults as well as strengths.
  12. Radicalsubversiv repeatedly deleted explanatory statements comparing and contrasting that position with that of those responsible for 9 / 11.
  13. Faculty from both programs co-wrote a book chapter describing their pedagogy and curriculum, and comparing and contrasting their programs.
  14. TV-SHEPARD _ Comparing and contrasting two TV movies on the brief life and horrendous death of gay student Matthew Shepard.
  15. Comparing and contrasting the material in the reading to the PQA and the story gives extra repetitions of the target structures.
  16. Vazha-Pshavela idealizes the Pshavs'time-honoured rituals, their purity, and their'non-degeneracy'comparing and contrasting these with the values of what he considers'false civilization '.
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