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  1. Among his teachers were Atto Vannucci and the philologist Domenico Comparetti.
  2. An automatic offline approach has been demonstrated by Comparetti et al.
  3. He soon went to Italy to study with Comparetti.
  4. There she met Federico Halbherr, a student of archeology from Florence's Domenico Comparetti.
  5. The vault of the chancel is decorated by a stucco of 1744 by Comparetti ( a native of Pigra ) depicting John the Baptist.
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  7. The SpeedFan HTTP Agent exports and allows you to access SpeedFan's ( utility by Alfredo Milani Comparetti ) temperature data from across the network via a simple HTTP request.
  8. Laura married Luigi Adriano Milani and Domenico Comparetti, wishing that their last name should be was transmitted to her daughter's male descendants, got the royal concession to the addition of his name to those of the Milani grandchildren.
  9. Together with Alessandro d'Ancona, Comparetti edited a collection of Italian national songs and stories ( 9 vols, Turin, 1870 1891 ), many of which had been collected and written down by himself for the first time.
  10. Among the artists appointed for decoration of the palace's interiors in the 18th century were Giuseppe Rossi, an Italian fresco painter, who adorned the chambers with " trompe-l'Sil " paintings and stucco decorators Francesco Fumo and Pietro Innocente Comparetti.
  11. BONIFACIO : Our gemlike lodging in Bonifacio, Hotel La Caravelle, Quai Comparetti, ( 33-4 ), fax ( 33-4 ), offered us a small, charming room with white stucco walls and a vivacious nautical air.
  12. The apse was decorated with stucco on the ceiling and side walls by Giovanni Battista Comparetti of Laglio between October 1743 and April 1744, the pane on the left wall frames the frescoes by Alessandro Ferretti with the Torture of St George, while the pane on the left wall frames The Martyrdom of St . George.
  13. Between the second half of the 19th century and first half of the 20th century, the prestigious lecturers who taught at Pisa included the lawyers Francesco Carrara and Francesco Buonamici; philologists Domenico Comparetti and Giovanni D'Ancona; historians Pasquale Villari, Gioacchino Volpe and Luigi Russo; philosopher Giovanni Gentile; economist Giuseppe Toniolo and mathematicians Ulisse Dini and Antonio Pacinotti.
  14. Recent productions have been mounted in the Berlin Staatsoper Unter den Linden ( from 4 August 2000 ) under Sebastian Weigle, directed by Alexander Schulin with Gert Henning-Jensen ( Chapelou ), Simone Nold ( Madeleine ), Hanno-M黮ler Brachmann ( Biju ), Klaus H鋑er ( Corcy ), and Bernd Zettisch ( Bourdon ), and at the Grand Th殁tre, Dijon ( from 30 March 2004 under Philippe Cambreling, directed by Patrick Ab閖ean with Bruno Comparetti ( Chappelou / Saint-Phar ), Isabelle Poulenard ( Madeleine / Madame de Latour ), Laurent Alvaro ( le Marquis de Corcy ), Jean Vendassi ( Biju / Alcindor ), Mich鑜e Dumont ( Rose ), and Matthieu Grenier ( Bourdon ).

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