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  1. It allowed him to clear an emotional hurdle in comparative privacy.
  2. The comparative scores, granted, tilt solidly toward the 49ers.
  3. It illustrates comparative history through pictures and bold, colored lines.
  4. Gas Natural did not provide the comparative revenue figure without Enagas.
  5. Thanks to the comparative brevity of " Auden,"
  6. It's difficult to find comparative in a sentence.
  7. The mine didn't give comparative figures for last year.
  8. The lesson is that comparative advantage is not set in stone.
  9. No comparative figures for the year-ago period were provided.
  10. The comparative figure for the year-earlier period was unavailable.
  11. No comparative figures for the same period in 1996 were given.
  12. The Internet also offers unprecedented comparative shopping resources to the consumer.
  13. It didn't release a comparative figure for last year.
  14. His study was published recently in The Journal of Comparative Physiology.
  15. Remnick graduated from Princeton University with a degree in comparative literature.
  16. Comparative figures for the months before the crackdown were not available.
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