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  1. By doing this, he opened up the first discipline of comparative anatomy.
  2. He studied at the Sorbonne University, Paris, Physical Anthropology and Comparative Anatomy.
  3. Heidenhain is remembered for his work in comparative anatomy, embryology and histology.
  4. Crow particularly delighted in being able to teach embryology and comparative anatomy.
  5. Bjerring has also discussed a number of classical problems in comparative anatomy.
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  7. He believed that comparative anatomy would demonstrate that racial differences were immutable.
  8. Although his work was wide-ranging the overriding focus was on comparative anatomy.
  9. From 1881 to 1887 he studied comparative anatomy and became F黵bringer's assistant.
  10. He is remembered for his masterful drawings of human and comparative anatomy.
  11. His lectures on comparative anatomy drew on Henri Marie Ducrotay de Blainville.
  12. Forbes lectured on comparative anatomy at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School.
  13. Lyman was a founding member and underwriter of Harvard's Museum of Comparative Anatomy.
  14. In 1821 he was elected professor of comparative anatomy in the Philadelphia museum.
  15. Broca also contributed to the field of comparative anatomy of primates and humans.
  16. In 1857 he was appointed professor of zootomy and comparative anatomy in Krakow.
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