comparable in a sentence

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  1. They were roused a comparable number of times during the night.
  2. A comparable fixed-rate loan would have been 9 percent.
  3. Comparable sales growth, particularly in casual dining, is challenging.
  4. Few artists in any field have produced work of comparable scope.
  5. That pay is comparable to that of Southwest's competitors.
  6. It's difficult to find comparable in a sentence.
  7. The Senate has no comparable organizations, and for good reason.
  8. Nor would we have shot down their helicopter under comparable circumstances.
  9. However, comparable store sales were flat for the third quarter.
  10. The two men's qualifications are comparable, Simpson believes.
  11. The larger graphics are good quality, comparable to television pictures.
  12. You simply don't hear playing of comparable refinement today.
  13. Gibbs took a comparable position with the Menil Foundation in Houston.
  14. What would be a comparable image in Mortimer's life?
  15. Then there is the question of finding a comparable third country.
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