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  1. "The key is comparability, " said Spaeth.
  2. "Now it's a question of comparability,"
  3. The comparability of such numbers is lessened by social changes.
  4. Also, for health the comparability of national data has been doubted.
  5. The complement of any interval graph is a comparability graph.
  6. It's difficult to find comparability in a sentence.
  7. Therefore, permutation graphs are another subclass of comparability graphs.
  8. Quality of education, comparability, and assessment choice in developing countries.
  9. According to FERC, this is comparability of service.
  10. Comparability graphs can also be characterized by a list of forbidden induced subgraphs.
  11. How can one compare things which cannot exhibit comparability?
  12. Their release require support on the action zone and comparability with indigenous species.
  13. To ensure comparability, we have adopted an education qualification method to compare jobs.
  14. Results of the tested party or comparable enterprises may require adjustment to achieve comparability.
  15. The Circular instructs field examiners to review taxpayer's comparability and method analyses.
  16. The obvious problem of this system was low or missing comparability of the results.
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