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  1. Already by 1945, former PS politicians were manifesting their opposition to communization.
  2. It was the unwitting start of communization.
  3. We are defending the past and fighting against those who make an ideology out of de-communization.
  4. The toppling of Rdescu's cabinet in February 1945 was a new step toward the communization of Romania.
  5. Vietnam was once seen by U . S . policymakers as a domino that could trigger a sweeping communization of Southeast Asia.
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  7. In the late 1990s a close but not identical sense of " communization " was developed by the French post-situationist group Tiqqun.
  8. In 1959, he published'The Manifesto of the Khmer Serei'claiming that Sihanouk was supporting the'communization'of Kampuchea.
  9. His plans for rapid communization also rose opposition inside the party & mdash; Lucreciu Ptr _ canu is known to have advised against them.
  10. But in the late 1990s a close but not identical sense of " communization " was developed by the French post-situationist group Tiqqun.
  11. Peter Kropotkin ), communization means the abolition of property itself along with any state-like institutions claiming to represent a given subset of humanity.
  12. Baciu described with alarm the rapid communization of his writer friends, recording Beniuc's enthusiasm at seeing liberal demonstrators being repressed with machine guns.
  13. According to Adrian Cioroianu, Sadoveanu was not necessarily an " apostle of communization ", and his role in the process is subject to much debate.
  14. It also gave priority to reconstruction and new construction while attempting to develop agricultural resources, to integrate the North and the South, and to proceed with communization.
  15. Disastrous communization policies adopted during revolutionary leader Mao Tze-tung's 1958 Great Leap Forward resulted in several years of famine that killed tens of millions of people.
  16. Free enterprise was sanctioned, thus bringing to an end the nationalization of small enterprises and reversing former policies that had sought the complete and immediate communization of the South.
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