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  1. Higher Education offerings include Communiversity at Queen Creek ( Rio Salado College ).
  2. In recent years The Bromley by Bow Centre has taken up The Communiversity concept to develop its education programme.
  3. Next week she'll teach a sold-out class in Kansas City at Fedora's Restaurant as part of the University of Missouri-Kansas City's Communiversity.
  4. Nichols taught Wicca for almost twenty years, from 1970 to 1989, in Columbia and Kansas City, Missouri, through the Communiversity and at his bookstore, " The Magick Lantern ".
  5. It began in Spring 1977 as a course that Warne taught at the Communiversity in San Francisco, part of the Free School Movement, and it lasted until shortly before Warne's death in 1983.
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  7. During his tenure as president of the University of Minnesota, Moos is also credited with advocacy regarding what is referred to as " communiversity ", a closer relationship among students, faculty, and the community.
  8. Her sustainability projects include LongGreenHouse ( 2007 2011 ), which wove the Wabanaki Longhouse, permaculture gardens, and networked collaboration in a hybrid " communiversity, " in partnership with UMaine, the Wassookeag school, and Wabanaki elders.
  9. The CFS created and developed many concepts including Communiversity, Arts As The Catalyst, Creative Shared Government, Neighbourhood Workers Scheme and the hugely influential planning document " The Comprehensive Plan for Action " where Art and culture were the catalyst in all aspects of regeneration.
  10. Known as the " Communiversity " in the Golden Triangle area, it will replace the current CMTE . The 140, 000-square-foot facility will accommodate EMCC Manufacturing Technology & Engineering Division credit and non-credit courses related to training workers for careers in advanced manufacturing.

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