communities of inquiry in a sentence

  1. These ideas are summarize in the notion Community of inquiry.
  2. This is the scientific quality of the community of inquiry.
  3. Patricia M . Shields has applied the community of Inquiry concept to the field of public administration.
  4. Finally, paced models allows students to readily form communities of inquiry and to engage in collaborative work.
  5. The debate began when Patricia M . Shields introduced Dewey's notion of the Community of Inquiry.
  6. It's difficult to find communities of inquiry in a sentence.
  7. This research suggested that computer conferencing has considerable potential to create a community of inquiry for educational purposes.
  8. Online technology is shown to help develop a community of inquiry, which has been shown to improve student participation and results.
  9. The methodology is Community of Inquiry so to rewrite the page in terms of writing about a Philosothon methodology is not possible.
  10. Hugh Miller objected to one element of the community of inquiry ( problematic situation, scientific attitude, participatory democracy )  Scientific attitude.
  11. The students participate in a series of Communities of Inquiry which are facilitated by teachers or Phd . philosophy students from the local universities.
  12. This project led to production of many scholarly papers, a book and replication of the Community of Inquiry model by distance education researchers globally.
  13. The Community of Inquiry model is also used to conceptually guide study research and practice in other forms of mediated, blended and classroom education.
  14. The Buddhist parable of the'blind men and the elephant'offers a colorful way to make sense of the notion of the community of inquiry.
  15. Certainly there is some conflict of interest, though as the Wikipedia editors will be well aware, Community of inquiry as such does not entail bias.
  16. It is a " community of inquiry and experimentation " of some tens of thoudand of disciples distributed about equally among big US corporations and the education establishment.
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