communities of innovation in a sentence

  1. An example of something that uses this model of participatory rural development and attempts to enact Communities of Innovation is Aggrebind, a soil stabilizer.
  2. The 750, 000-square-foot facility will house Tech s high-performance computing center, which is expected to draw even more expertise and enterprise to Tech s mixed-use community of innovation and education.
  3. All editing the same small number of articles ( Communities of innovation, Organizational structure, Community ) with no user older than 24hrs and no other edits . & # 124; talk & # 124; 11 : 48, 26 November 2010 ( UTC)
  4. The purpose of the Stanford initiative was to co-develop the concept and community of innovation journalism, including the role of communication in innovation ecosystems, recognizing journalists and communicators ( and other attention workers ) as actors facilitating the creation of shared language across stakeholder groups in innovation ecosystems.
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