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"communities of discourse" in Chinese  
  1. They find logical coherence in most communities of discourse.
  2. When you isolate yourself from the community of discourse, then you are at the mercy of your own ignorance, your own superstition, your own bias.
  3. Defined as " idioms, rhetorics, specialised vocabularies and grammars " considered as " a single though multiplex community of discourse ", languages are uncovered ( or discovered ) in texts by historians who subsequently " learn " them in due course.
  4. Dena Goodman finds this to be very important because this provides a history of the Republic of Letters, from its founding in the 17th century as an apolitical community of discourse through its transformation in the 18th century into a very political community whose project of Enlightenment challenged the monarchy from a new public space carved out of French society.
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