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  1. Il a precise qu'un communique commun serait diffuse.
  2. The Casa del Commun Tesoro is a large building with two stories.
  3. Li lingues differe solmen in li grammatica, li pronunciation e li plu commun vocabules.
  4. On me donnait des ampoules plus fortes que celles des cellules pour prisonniers de droit commun.
  5. It is part of the Transports en Commun Lyonnais ( TCL ) system of public transport.
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  7. This equation is encompassed by the equation below, obtained by Berberan-Santos ( MATCH Commun.
  8. It is modelled on the Luxembourg Fonds commun de placement or " FCP " structure.
  9. :" At solmen va esser necessi far uniform grammatica, pronunciation e plu commun paroles.
  10. The city is served by the " Transports en commun lyonnais " ( TCL ).
  11. In fakht,'in ozzie'iz not az commun az'in dee ozzie '.
  12. The model for this type of arrangement is the Fonds commun de placement common in France and Luxembourg.
  13. The northwest part of the square consists of a large building originally known as the Casa del Commun Tesoro.
  14. Archdiocese of Washington : http : / / www . adw . org / commun / news / news26 . html
  15. In recent years, it has developed new churches in black commun ities at the rate of about 150 a year.
  16. Urban transport in Limoges and its metropolitan area is operated by Soci閠?de transports en commun de Limoges M閠ropole ( STCL ).
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