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  1. The access, request and reception are usually via common carrier broadcast channels.
  2. Swiss Air and Lebanon's own carrier, Middle East Airlines, are common carriers.
  3. This is more limited than that of a common carrier of goods.
  4. In December 1976, the company was relieved of its common carrier obligations.
  5. The same person may hold both common carrier and contract carrier authority.
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  7. The idea was that the telephone companies as cable providers were common carriers.
  8. The railroad opened in 1883 and operated as a common carrier through 1891.
  9. Mary Beth Richards, the deputy chief of the FCC's Common Carrier Bureau, said.
  10. Only a few of these lines survive as commercial common carriers.
  11. This required that the Potato Creek Railroad be incorporated as a common carrier.
  12. STI was formed in August 1984 as Samoa's first local telecommunications common carrier.
  13. In 1990, the railroad was completely abandoned and lost its common carrier status.
  14. These are not common carriers, so the general public cannot travel using these.
  15. In the 21st century a very few industrial and common carrier lines survive.
  16. Edgardo C . Cabarios, head of the NTC Common Carriers Accreditation Division, said.
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