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  1. The goal is to gather support from the influential Presidents Commission.
  2. A : The commission does not have its own enforcement machinery.
  3. The candidates Friday filed financial reports with the federal Election Commission.
  4. The commission is doing a smoke-and-mirror routine.
  5. That is within the jurisdiction of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
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  7. I think we have a very able person chairing that commission.
  8. Construction plans are being reviewed by the California Public Utilities Commission.
  9. The Public Utilities Commission wants the consumers to foot the bill.
  10. The panel is formally called the Base Realignment and Closure Commission.
  11. In the end, the commissions'findings have been adopted.
  12. There was the opinionated conservative running the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  13. She need pay only a regular brokerage commission on the option.
  14. This justified the commission in putting in more than wisdom dictated.
  15. Missouri Housing Development Commission, $ 100 million of revenue bonds.
  16. The commission deals with claims for damage related directly to Iraq.
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