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  1. Parker estimates the commissary receives 78 diet change requests a day.
  2. The tobacco companies sell their products to commissaries at discounted prices.
  3. In March the FDA cited the company for an unsanitary commissary.
  4. One spot is set in the Fox Television Network studio commissary.
  5. _Adapted from a recipe from the Frog Commissary, Philadelphia.
  6. It's difficult to find commissaries in a sentence.
  7. Rations were supplied to the Confederate soldiery by the Federal commissary.
  8. From 1757 to 1758 Orme was commissary and accountant-general.
  9. A police commissioner should not be confused with a police commissary.
  10. They were soon followed by commissaries in Panama and Puerto Rico.
  11. He answers, seven; but the commissary had said four.
  12. In 1805, he was appointed assistant commissary general at Gibraltar.
  13. The Florentine forces were led by the florentine commissary Francesco Ferruccio.
  14. Scouts pick up ingredients for each meal at the Commissary building.
  15. Manphibian was seen in Area 13's commissary alongside Merlin.
  16. Teunis was appointed commissary by Governor Thomas Dongan in the 1680s.
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