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  1. Sections and commissariats to combat counterrevolution were established in other cities.
  2. He was of the People's Commissariat for Enlightenment ).
  3. Managed the organization of internal offices and ran the political commissariat.
  4. He first worked as a clerk for the British garrison commissariat.
  5. The town has now become a center of the same Commissariat.
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  7. In September 1941, Erich Koch was appointed to the Ukrainian Commissariat.
  8. Events turn as Gaunt is summoned to Balhaut's Commissariat headquarters.
  9. This point of view was backed by the Soviet Commissariat of Nationalities.
  10. Simultaneously ( from 24 April 1797 ) he commanded the Commissariat Department.
  11. On 31 January 1924 the Commissariat for Nationalities'Affairs was disbanded.
  12. All functional responsibilities were transferred to the People s Commissariat.
  13. The Bolsheviks set up the Transcaucasian Commissariat in the Caucasus.
  14. Fort Amiel served as a commissariat depot, transit camp and hospital.
  15. The commissariat united all republican commissariats of the Soviet Union.
  16. The commissariat united all republican commissariats of the Soviet Union.
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