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  1. So first we try to buy off union commissar Marvin Miller.
  2. How do New York's commissars react to such realities?
  3. Reporters promptly dubbed him the " political commissar ."
  4. Al Gore is an heir to the old czars and commissars.
  5. A few months later, the prison had a new commissar.
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  7. Chi was the political commissar of a battalion in the war.
  8. These Commissar ranks were replaced by corresponding General ranks in 1975.
  9. The enforcement of the Commissar Order led to thousands of executions.
  10. He became commissar of the Rakosi Battalion of XIII International Brigade.
  11. In 1996 Xu became political commissar of the Jinan Military Region.
  12. The game represents the Blood Angels; and Imperial Commissar Yarrick.
  13. He was also first political commissar of the Beijing Military Region.
  14. The commissars from Moscow remained in Vorkuta, planning their response.
  15. Most streets named after the commissars have been changed as well.
  16. In 1917-1918 he was a Commissar for Artistic Matters.
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