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  1. Vicky tries the French police commissaire ( Austin Trevor ).
  2. Specifically, he often matches wits with Commissaire Faroux and Inspector Fabre.
  3. This eventually led the admiral to resign of his post of Commissaire.
  4. The unit was renamed as the Commissaire General Regiment in April 1656.
  5. The first were created by commissaire g閚閞al, an officier de plume.
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  7. Il est commissaire g閚閞al au Tourisme de 1959 ?1962.
  8. Dovecar and Claude Piegts assassinated Commissaire Roger Gavoury on 31 May 1961.
  9. He led parallel careers as a commissaire de police and a dramatist.
  10. The second provincial authority was the commissaire-ordonnateur.
  11. The novel is part of her Commissaire Adamsberg series.
  12. Most officers join directly at the rank of " commissaire ".
  13. The reader is forced to suspect that Commissaire Vionnet has passed the word along.
  14. The police, led by the commissaire, first think Septime arranged the abduction.
  15. Alain Savary as Commissaire of Free France.
  16. Each " commissaire " was assisted by one of each of these officers.
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