commercial fiber in a sentence

  1. They then developed instrumentation for conductivity measurement of ultrapure water in 1996, and the first accurate commercial fiber-optic based CO2 measurement system, in 1998.
  2. After a period of research starting from 1975, the first commercial fiber-optic communications system was developed, which operated at a wavelength around 0.8 祄 and used GaAs semiconductor lasers.
  3. In publicizing the demonstration, Silk Road said that such " bandwidth, " the term used to express a system's data-carrying capacity, far surpassed the capability of today's commercial fiber optic networks.
  4. By 2013 commercial fiber optics based connections have become commonplace in major city areas usually distributed in house by VDSL2, speeds of 100 / 10 Mbit / s usually costing under ?50 and often available by multiple competing ISPs offered in different packaging.
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