commercial farming in a sentence

  1. The program has brought commercial farming in Zimbabwe to a virtual standstill.
  2. Manufacturing and commercial farming in Tanzania lag well behind Kenya and Uganda.
  3. There is no mainstream commercial farming, and organic methods are widely used.
  4. The nation's commercial farming sector has ground to a near standstill.
  5. The action, however, has led to a standstill in commercial farming.
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  7. The nation's commercial farming sector has been nearly destroyed, he said.
  8. The mild, damp climate of the Black Sea coast makes commercial farming profitable.
  9. About 6.2 % of the total farmland is under large scale commercial farming.
  10. Despite a lush, fertile climate and soil conditions, there is little commercial farming.
  11. This was the last of commercial farming on Shelter Island.
  12. The seizures have also crippled the commercial farming industry, contributing to severe food shortages.
  13. The mild, damp oceanic climate of the Black Sea coast makes commercial farming profitable.
  14. Ministry offers help for venture into commercial farming, NEW STRAITS
  15. The occupations have badly damaged commercial farming, the most important sector of the economy.
  16. Limited commercial farming is also practiced, mainly of sugar cane.
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