commercial farmers in a sentence

  1. The Commercial Farmers Union had until now distanced itself from the stoppages.
  2. Locals showed no interest in becoming commercial farmers; they were unemployed miners.
  3. On Thursday, however, he postponed the action pending negotiations with commercial farmers.
  4. Mining companies and commercial farmers who own extensive tracts sent representatives to
  5. An exodus of commercial farmers would likely crush an already struggling economy.
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  7. The white commercial farmers help feed the nation and fuel the economy.
  8. Commercial farmers continually suggest practical ways in which it might be carried out.
  9. The ruling party safeguards the hoarding of land by commercial farmers,
  10. Conditions improved for the great majority of commercial farmers by 1936.
  11. White commercial farmers produce about half of Zimbabwe's corn, the nation's staple crop.
  12. About 4, 000, mostly white, commercial farmers own almost half of Namibia's arable land.
  13. Nick Swanepoel told the annual congress of the Commercial Farmers'Union.
  14. That has created a tiny core of black commercial farmers.
  15. The Commercial Farmers'Union has reported dozens of assaults on members'farms.
  16. So a decade later the company sold off its land to private commercial farmers.
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