commercial farm in a sentence

  1. In 1998, Chellemi applied the treatment to four commercial farms in Florida.
  2. There are still a number of large commercial farms in the valley.
  3. The differences between these chickens and those from commercial farms are tremendous.
  4. Brooklyn Grange Farms operates a commercial farm on top of Building 3.
  5. In developed nations, commercial farms house thousands of pigs in climate-controlled buildings.
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  7. About 95 percent of white commercial farms have been targeted for confiscation.
  8. Wright said large-scale commercial farms owed banks hundreds of millions of dollars.
  9. His nine large commercial farms averaged at least 1000 hectares each.
  10. In some cases, kids under age 12 can work legally for commercial farms.
  11. The meeting came as violence continued on Zimbabwe's white-owned commercial farms.
  12. WWOOF farms include private gardens through smallholdings, allotments, and commercial farms.
  13. The new regulations specified new maximum sizes for white-owned commercial farms.
  14. Commercial farms provide donkeys and equipment, splitting the proceeds with the hiring party.
  15. In 1992, the government passed a law empowering it to nationalize commercial farms.
  16. But agricultural economists say that definition inflates the actual number of working commercial farms.
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