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  1. But in those flights, Lovell wasn't crew commander.
  2. Haitian troop commanders are also badly equipped, the analysts say.
  3. Col . Patrice Sartre, a French commander, asked recently.
  4. But Cox and his watch commander decided the visitor was genuine.
  5. U . S . commanders recognize that this situation is untenable.
  6. It's difficult to find commander in a sentence.
  7. Every schoolboy knows that the elected president is commander in chief.
  8. Originally the U . S . commander was to be Lieut.
  9. Clinton told the commanders before their hour-long private session.
  10. A Soweto commander was assaulted and chased around the police station.
  11. But commanders admitted at the time they were light on interpreters.
  12. And district commanders do not always replace them, as required.
  13. It sent a letter of protest to the Serbian commander instead.
  14. Are submarine commanders really allowed to bring dogs aboard their subs?
  15. Bill Clinton isn't fit to be Commander in Chief.
  16. Valle says a federal police commander threatened him when he complained.
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