command and control vehicle in a sentence

  1. They are equipped with armored cars, buses, water cannons, earth moving equipment and command and control vehicles.
  2. Airport operators make use of special airside airport buses for crew and passenger transport in the secure command and control vehicles.
  3. "' FV105 Sultan "'is a British Army command and control vehicle based on the CVR ( T ) platform.
  4. In Iridium's case, after the disaster, a dozen stationary " rack " units were installed in command and control vehicles in Manhattan.
  5. Among other roles that the Carrier can be used for is basic APC, reconnaissance, command, base security, convoy escort and Command and Control vehicle.
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  7. The Bereg artillery system consists of one command and control vehicle ( CPU ), a combat support vehicle ( MOBD ) and up to six weapon systems ( SAU ).
  8. Modified versions of the vehicle included mortar carriers, Milan antitank systems, and command and control vehicles; and the British possessed a variety of excellent light armored vehicles built on their Scorpion chassis.
  9. Modified versions of the vehicle included mortar carriers, MILAN antitank systems, and command and control vehicles; and the British possessed a variety of excellent light armoured vehicles built on their FV101 Scorpion chassis.
  10. These included both cavalry and armoured personnel roles, such as fire support, reconnaissance and offensive manoeuvre, as well as serving as infantry command and control vehicles, troop transport, stores portage, and casualty evacuation.
  11. RMMV lists numerous potential roles and applications as suited to the Survivor R, these including an internal security and / or law enforcement vehicle, riot control, trauma management / ambulance, a command and control vehicle, and logistics version with a rear cargo body.
  12. Steady checkered lights denote command and control vehicles-these are red and white for fire ( one of the few situations where a forward-facing red light may be shown ), blue and white for police and green and white for ambulance, and are often fitted in the middle of the light bar.
  13. Teams are tasked, deployed and controlled by DorSAR's Search Management Team from their Command and Control Vehicle, this Team will be made up of Search Manager, PolSA ( Dorset Police ), Search Coordinator, Control Communications, Control Navigator & Control Support, again the team composition will vary depending on tasking.
  14. These weapons are typically used to strike critical, vulnerable targets such as computerized command and control vehicles, radio trucks, radar antennae, vehicle engine blocks and the jet engines of enemy aircraft . Anti-materiel rifles can be used against human targets, but the much higher weight of rifle and ammunition, and the massive recoil and muzzle blast, usually make them less than practical for such use.

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