command and control regulation in a sentence

  1. Rather, they involved old-fashioned command and control regulations.
  2. These three environmental economic policy instruments are built upon a foundation of a command and control regulation.
  3. This is why economics teaches that command and control regulation will not be efficient, and will be less efficient than a market mechanism, such as carbon pricing.
  4. Niagara Mohawk chief executive William E . Davis says the company hopes to demonstrate that its method offers a better approach than " command and control regulations by Congress ."
  5. MGMs, meanwhile, are not to be confused with market-based instruments, for MGMs, as a group, includes command and control regulations as well as regulatory economics.
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  7. Through commodification water becomes responsive to market forces which are assumed to be better equipped at allocating resources and regulating environmentally damaging behaviour than command and control regulation thus providing justification for the shift in attitude.
  8. The LCFS is a mix of command and control regulation and emissions trading, as it will use market-based mechanisms that allow providers to choose how they will reduce emissions while responding to consumer demand.
  9. Command and control regulation is not considered an economic instrument as it is typically enforced by narrower means such as stop or control order, though it may include an administrative monetary penalty in site-specific regulations.
  10. Geolibertarianism, a market oriented branch of geoism, tends to take a direct stance against what it perceives as burdensome regulation and would like to see auctioned pollution quotas or taxes replace most command and control regulation.
  11. "In this century, the greatest environmental progress will come about not through endless lawsuits and command and control regulations, but through technology and innovation, " he said in his State of the Union speech last year.
  12. The main argument in the literature for the advantage of network governance over traditional command and control regulation or, alternatively, recourse to market regulation, is its capacity to deal with situations of intrinsic uncertainty and decision making under bounded rationality.

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