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  1. Such companies generally command 5 or 6 percent of the fund's assets.
  2. Rimmon commands 5 companies of gelugons ( ice devils ).
  3. I estimate more or less that they can command 5 to 20 % of the population in each country.
  4. By the year 2001, organic products are projected to command 5 percent of total food sales in the United States.
  5. For the month of June 1942 Semelka was transferred temporarily to command 5 . " Staffel " from an injured Siegfried Simsch.
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  7. Then he joined the transport planes, before he joined the staff of the air fleet command 5 in Oslo on May 24, 1943.
  8. The 27-year-old Kenyan took command 5 kilometers from the finish and beat young teammate Kenneth Cheriyuot by 22 seconds in front of Milan's gothic cathedral.
  9. However, in this chart, the editor had to type in the " nbsp " command 5 or 6 times to the left of each film title entry.
  10. The end result was a four-run, four-hit inning that left the Giants in command 5-1 and took Halama out of the game after a labored 79-pitch effort.
  11. Its top brand, Newport, has built a solid following among young adults, and commands 5 . 1 percent of the U . S . market, more than any other premium-priced brand other than Marlboro.
  12. Israeli companies command 5 percent of the world market in communications products, and out of 267 foreign companies traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market in New York 55 are Israeli, most of them high-tech.
  13. Oakland appeared to be in command 5-1 entering the sixth behind Mark McGwire's 37th and 38th homers and the pitching of Todd Stottlemyre, who struck out 10 and allowed four hits through five innings.
  14. Muhmar Hassan, who commands 5, 000 rebel troops in northern Afghanistan, celebrated the reports of US airstrikes on Taliban position and said he had received word from the Americans that it was OK to attack.
  15. The general, a decorated Vietnam veteran, commands 5, 800 Army civil affairs troops who are judges, doctors, health inspectors and fire chiefs as civilians, and who use those same skills when called to active duty.
  16. Plastics made with the new process sell for less than the higher-tech plastics the manufacturers hope to replace, but they command 5 or 10 cents more a pound than conventional basic plastics _ a huge amount for items sold in cargo loads.
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