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  1. Msynctool is the command-line interface that comes with OpenSync.
  2. Without further modification it boots into a command-line interface environment.
  3. Application programs may also implement a command-line interface.
  4. Maintenance or by invoking msra . exe from command-line interface.
  5. U-Boot runs a command-line interface on a serial port.
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  7. It is equally well applied to the development of command-line interfaces.
  8. All other platforms have only a command-line interface at this time.
  9. The scanner offers a graphical user interface and a command-line interface.
  10. DebWrt uses the command-line interface of Bash.
  11. Support for command-line interface ( CLI ) utilities is also provided.
  12. This was the origin of the text terminal and the command-line interface.
  13. As a complement to the GUI it also has a command-line interface.
  14. It uses non-interactive ( Daemon ), and command-line interfaces.
  15. Text mode applications communicate with the user with command-line interfaces and text user interfaces.
  16. Messenger service can be used by either Net Send command from a command-line interface.
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