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  1. Command-line arguments are available in the special array @ ARGV.
  2. Command-line arguments are passed in args.
  3. There is a command-line argument for each folder that is usually not set.
  4. At first start, WinShell recognizes the distribution and sets the command-line arguments automatically.
  5. Macros in makefiles may be overridden in the command-line arguments passed to the Make utility.
  6. It's difficult to find command - line arguments in a sentence.
  7. Command-line arguments are passed in args, similar to how it is done in Java.
  8. Python also has a module called argparse in the standard library for parsing command-line arguments.
  9. Starting with Windows 2000, the SET command has similar functionality using the / P command-line argument.
  10. Like most Unix commands, grep accepts options in the form of command-line arguments to change its behavior.
  11. Command-line arguments are passed in args, similar to how it is done in C # or Java.
  12. For example, in Unix and Unix-like environments, an example of a command-line argument is:
  13. "' getopts "'is a built-in Unix shell command for parsing command-line arguments.
  14. When I launch script 1, it then launches script 2, and passes the command-line arguments to it.
  15. Command-line arguments are counted in ParamCount and accessible as strings by ParamStr ( n ), with n between 0 and ParamCount.
  16. Some applications which are not portable by default, support optional portability through other mechanisms, the most common being command-line arguments.
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