come in a sentence

"come" meaning  "come" in Chinese  
  1. -- Come to think of it, who needs goalies?
  2. You come to realize that's the way he is.
  3. The minority viewpoint on that matter comes from the American players.
  4. When it comes to bonds, the picture is very different.
  5. Amid the come-ons, there are hints of worry.
  6. It's difficult to find come in a sentence.
  7. But we have some players coming back ( from suspension ).
  8. That's where so much of the comedy comes from.
  9. Certainly my music sounds as if it comes from that area.
  10. That year, deer season couldn't come too soon.
  11. Here, she has come out swinging with a provocative concept.
  12. Q : When did Technicolor in the movies first come out?
  13. Where I come from, you don't take junk.
  14. The faster the imports come in, the better for me,
  15. Ninety-nine percent of the work is still to come.
  16. At some point in time everybody has to come to reality.
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