come down in a sentence

"come down" meaning  "come down" in Chinese  
  1. I look a bit of a fool coming down the mountain.
  2. I was very nervous when I was watching Anja come down,
  3. I called Rick to see if he wanted to come down,
  4. But we do not come down here and attack them personally.
  5. We never even thought we would come down to the cities.
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  7. It has also tried to pressure deposit rates to come down.
  8. Mr . Clinton better watch out if he comes down here.
  9. But none of them matches coming down to the Coliseum ."
  10. It got real dark and the ceiling just started coming down.
  11. And high they will stay until the debt ratios come down.
  12. Expectations had come down and they just met those diminished expectations.
  13. We want to be ready when a final decision comes down,
  14. I think about it coming down the runway from the clubhouse.
  15. I just wanted to come down and show support for coach.
  16. When comparisons are made it always comes down to American football.
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