come down in the world in a sentence

"come down in the world" meaning  "come down in the world" in Chinese  
  1. One might argue that they have come down in the world, but he looks at it differently.
  2. It affects them in their gut that they've come down in the world and that they have no influence ."
  3. Dieudonn?has come down in the world, attending sick vampires in a clinic run by a doctor with a shady past.
  4. Epic poetry is apparently coming down in the world . :-) talk ) 06 : 44, 20 January 2008 ( UTC)
  5. The books themselves saw better times on the shelves of professors, engineers, doctors and other middle-class professionals who have come down in the world.
  6. It's difficult to find come down in the world in a sentence.
  7. Has espionage come down in the world since the days of the " Big Game, " his expression for the contest between the West and the Soviet Union?
  8. "' Gueulemer "'is described as the most physically imposing of the gang members, " a Hercules . . . come down in the world . " However, he was known to have very little brain.
  9. For example, Lee Van Cleef's character in " For a Few Dollars More " appears to be a Confederate veteran who has come down in the world, and a graveyard scene in " A Fistful of Dollars " features a gravestone dated 1873.

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