come down from in a sentence

"come down from" in Chinese  
  1. I would come down from the mountain for the court appearance.
  2. The rate has come down from 5 percent since last October.
  3. The final order must come down from the Israeli Supreme Court.
  4. But when they come down from office they can be frank.
  5. The message has not come down from Mount Mo . Yet.
  6. It's difficult to find come down from in a sentence.
  7. They get the job, then come down from the high.
  8. Our captains come down from the bridge to help sort luggage.
  9. Fidel Castro was coming down from the hills to take over.
  10. Expectations of mobile telephone handset sales have come down from midyear.
  11. He let the spirit of the composer come down from heaven.
  12. They fully understand that this comes down from the Supreme Court,
  13. The oldest known town seals come down from the 16th century.
  14. It's kind of like coming down from a high.
  15. I'm still coming down from it,"
  16. Word could come down from NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue at any moment.
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