come december in a sentence

  1. But then comes December and they have well-chronicled problems then.
  2. But come December, Raitt will return to Boston as a student.
  3. "But come December, I'm expecting a good harvest.
  4. I think it makes a difference come December,
  5. "We'll see come December 1995 how things are,"
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  7. Do it because, come December, it's going to be done anyway.
  8. Even if he's broke come December, our son won't starve.
  9. If we do that, people will be hearing about us come December and January ."
  10. "Hopefully, come December, I'll be on the roster ."
  11. "Come December, I'm making printouts of everything, " he said.
  12. We said before the season that we wanted to be within striking distance of the playoffs come December.
  13. We are on track to reach our objective of pro forma operating profitability in the coming December quarter,
  14. He died 20 years ago this coming December, and I'm just now making the first payment.
  15. "Come December 31st, he'll feel better about the year than I will,"
  16. But he said the talking taxis were here to stay, with a new crop of celebrities nattering come December.
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