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  1. For some Internet providers, Comdex just isn't relevant.
  2. The naysayers will always hound Ellison as they did at Comdex.
  3. He hadn't visited Comdex but wondered if he should.
  4. Tom Brokaw said to a crew member after the Comdex jaunt.
  5. Sao Paulo : Comdex trade show for software and computer companies.
  6. It's difficult to find comdex in a sentence.
  7. The Comdex speech is one way we are changing our marketing.
  8. Microsoft researcher Bill Hill began to explain to the Comdex audience.
  9. Ziff-Davis also produces the giant Comdex computer trade show.
  10. Does Comdex have a place in the 21st century after all?
  11. There was also talk about Comdex being too old-world.
  12. Let me tell you where the real Comdex is held.
  13. They're at Comdex for the best kind of virtual reality.
  14. So if anyone asks you what Comdex is, tell them this.
  15. That has Hall wondering if Comdex will fade in popularity.
  16. Comdex, given its market, becomes the other shoe that drops.
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