combustion gas in a sentence

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  1. The heated flue should draw all the combustion gases up the chimney.
  2. In other words, it has nothing to do with the combustion gas.
  3. As the combustion gas enters the rocket nozzle, it is traveling at sonic.
  4. The vent duct delivers combustion gases from the burner to outside the house.
  5. In addition, be sure that all combustion gases are properly vented to the outside.
  6. It's difficult to find combustion gas in a sentence.
  7. The combustion gases carry minute particles that settle as dust.
  8. That also carries the noxious combustion gases from the furnace or fireplace with it.
  9. The combustion gas thus contains 2.84 percent by mass.
  10. Another duct is installed to expel the combustion gases.
  11. Increasing the air flow will also keep combustion gases from being pulled back into the house.
  12. Rocket nozzles control the expansion of combustion gases and help optimize thrust to push a vehicle.
  13. These form when combustion gases like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide clump together to form an aerosol.
  14. Carson said that the combustion gases that are pumped back into living space are not a problem.
  15. This causes the combustion gases to build up in the system and eventually drift into the living quarters.
  16. The material balance directly relates the air / fuel ratio to the percentage of in the combustion gas.
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